Gospel Power | Advancing the Kingdom of God

Pastor Steve Mann
October 10, 2021

Sermon Description

“I had been so focused on persuading people who did not believe in the gospel for their salvation that I failed to see that I did not believe in it for their salvation either. I was so focused on bringing people to faith in the gospel that I could not see my lack of faith in the gospel.” – Will Mancini.
How often do I say with my lips that Jesus saves, but in my heart and the way I go about life communicate a radically different message? Have you bought into the lie that it is on you to persuade your co-worker to loive Jesus? Have you become so caught up in providing what is best for your kids or grandkids that you have placed the responsibility for their future on your own shoulders? The power of the gospel is that God showed up. Full stop. In every challenge and battle we face, we follow Christ the Champion into it.