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A Place to Believe, Belong and Grow

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Created by God

Pastor Phil Bollinger
July 7, 2024

A Place to Believe, Belong, and Grow.

Gingrichs Mennonite Church is a Christ-centered, caring fellowship for those who want to learn of God, walk in the way of Jesus, and live into the fullness of life, love and freedom God offers. We desire vulnerability, honesty, and self-giving love.

Creation - Redemption - Restoration

We exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and proclaim Him as the only one who can bring hope and deliverance to individuals and the world.  We invite people to enter into a personal relationship with
Him by faith in the work He accomplished by dying on the cross for our
sins and rising again, assuring us of victory over sin and death.

What We Believe


The Latest News & Updates

New Sermon Series- Beginning July 7, 2024

In July, we will be launching into our new sermon series, "Trustworthy Words." This series will be looking at foundational truths that Scripture establishes for understanding ourselves, our world, and God. We will be looking at significant texts in Genesis, Exodus,...

New Sermon Series- Beginning April 14, 2024

Join us for a new sermon series beginning April 14th, Wisdom for the Journey- Lessons for Life from the book of James. I think of the book of James as being a lot like the book of Proverbs offering practical wisdom for us. As we journey through it over the course of...

New Sermon Series- Beginning January 2024

Over the next 10 weeks, as we journey in the Christian calendar from the celebration of the birth of Christ to remembering his death and rejoicing in his resurrection, we will be turning our attention to the life and ministry of Jesus. Specifically, we will be...