Spiritual Growth Process | Disciple: Be One, Make One

Pastor Amanda Rohrer
May 2, 2021

Sermon Description

Can anyone even remember the days before GPS? Would we even be able to use a map if the satellites in the sky were not working? I swear by them, even to my detriment. Just because your lovely navigator says, “your destination is on the right,” does not mean it always is. Thankfully, the Word of God gives us a trustworthy destination and a built-in navigator for the journey. There is no need to wonder where you placed those old maps or worry when the satellites in the sky are not connecting. The new creation that we spoke of last week—available to all who confess their need of Jesus and receive His Grace—is preprogrammed with the destination of the image of God. Our destination as followers of Jesus is to be formed into the likeness of Christ. How it happens is from glory to glory to glory.