Disciple: Be One, Make One

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A Whole New Person

Pastor Amanda Rohrer
April 25, 2021

What is discipleship? Is it a refurbishing of our old life, like those DYI projects seen on TV? I must admit there are times when I view it that way. Jesus’ intention was totally radical and totally unlike what I can do in a Saturday afternoon DYI project. He knew that upcycling or recycling the “old life” would not be enough. […]

Spiritual Growth Process

Pastor Amanda Rohrer
May 2, 2021

Can anyone even remember the days before GPS? Would we even be able to use a map if the satellites in the sky were not working? I swear by them, even to my detriment. Just because your lovely navigator says, “your destination is on the right,” does not mean it always is. […]

Disciple Maturation, Part 1

Pastor Amanda Rohrer
May 9, 2021

Do you remember your biology experiment where you took a cup filled with dirt and tiny seed home? Mysteriously, after days of anticipation, you saw something green shooting out of the soil. Join us this Sunday as we go back to elementary school and explore the parable Jesus told of the growing seed found in Mark 4: 26-29. There is life within the seed, and it is destined to grow, but it cannot grow without the soil and the tending of the soil. […]

Disciple Maturation, Part 2

Pastor Amanda Rohrer
May 16, 2021

Sometimes I wonder, does Jesus really know what it is like to teach obedience in the twenty-first century. In a world that screams independence and don’t tell me what to do. How can the call to obedience even compete? […]

Disciple Maturation, Part 3

Kathy Kambic
May 23, 2021

“All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you first heard it and understood God’s grace in all of its truth.” (Col.1:6 NIV). These words of the apostle Paul unlock a key to discipleship. […]


Disciple Making, Part 1

Bishop Dave Musser
May 30, 2021

Disciple making happens best within healthy relationships. God formed relationships in the garden of Eden. Join us this Sunday as Bishop Dave Musser looks at how the relationship of Adam and Eve was formed. […]

Disciple Making, Part 2

Pastor Amanda Rohrer
June 6, 2021

There is so much about Discipleship that is unknown, unfamiliar, and dare I say just plain uncomfortable. Can you remember the growing years from adolescence to adulthood or the first real job out of high school or college, or even the change of careers in your golden years? […]

The End Product of Discipleship

Kathy Kambic
June 20, 2021

We were joined by Kathy Kambic, who delivered the last installment in our Disciple: Be One, Make One sermon Series! Here is a quick note from her about the “End Product of Discipleship.” The white flag of surrender does not usually signal victory for the one waiving it but for disciples of Jesus, surrendering to God does not equal defeat. […]