Job Overview:

The NextGen Pastor will provide leadership to the various volunteers and ministry teams within the following age groups: Birth to Young Adult. He/she will carry out the church’s mission and vision, being strategically minded, administratively skilled, and intentional with recruiting and development of teams within the scope of
the next generation of Jesus followers. The NextGen Pastor will also possess a pastoral heart that can lead volunteers, parents, and kids/students in a relational ministry style as he/she serves as the chief communicator
in these areas.


We are looking for a person who exhibits the following three traits:

• Humble—willing to listen to others and admit they do not have all the answers.
• Hungry—possesses energy and drive to do their work with excellence. Takes initiative to learn and
pursue new projects and new opportunities to advance the church in ministry.
• Smart—equipped with both technical skills and people skills. People skills include someone who demonstrates emotional intelligence and works well with others. They are self-aware and know how
their words and actions can impact others on the team.

We are also looking for a person who:

• Is a disciple of Jesus Christ who personifies a growing relationship with the Triune God and a desire to serve the church.
• A clear calling to Next Generation Ministries.
• Spiritual gifts appropriate for this position, such as pastoring, leadership, and teaching.
• A lifestyle congruent with the biblical qualifications for leaders (1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus1:5-9).
• Ministry experience, or a Bachelor’s degree/higher education in Christian ministry, biblical studies, or related field.


1. CHAMPION EVERY AGE GROUP – Inspire the church family to say yes to the next generation through investing in their future now. Provide multigenerational influence as kids move through the phases of growth and development by ensuring that loving and committed adults connect, share, and invest in their lives. The NextGen Pastor ensures that kids have those adults in their lives, casts the vision for their potential, tells their stories, and inspiring the church to love and treat each kid as God’s image bearers. Create opportunities where multigenerational influence is achieved for them.

2. ALIGN LEADERS – Coach volunteers and ministry teams to identify primary values and common language that is able to align with the overall vision of the church. Work together with teams toward common goals, objectives, and ministry practices that best mobilize their particular ministry. Meet with teams regularly to maintain intentionality and gauge effectiveness in raising up the next generation.

3. ASSIST MINISTRY – Serve your leaders and volunteers by equipping them with what is necessary for both success and joy within their roles. This includes making sure the tools, resources, and knowledgeability are provided to be genuinely helpful in the following areas: building a relational ministry style, effective and efficient communications, and creating inspiring and engaging environments for both volunteers, parents, and kids/students. Provide oversight into curriculum selection, development, review, and occasionally preach in the Sunday Morning service or related events through a biblical and Anabaptist tradition.

4. PARTNER WITH PARENTS – Find ways to genuinely partner with parents in raising their children by engaging every parent in their role of providing spiritual development. This includes resourcing parents, ensuring consistent communication with parents, and training leaders and volunteers to partner with parents in our commitment to helping the next generation grow into Christlikeness. Elevate a community concept by providing a network of caring adults that give a predictable and safe environment to grow spiritually.

5. PROMOTE SERVICE AND CHURCH INVOLVEMENT—Create consistent opportunities for kids and teenagers to serve. This includes creating opportunities for children to serve as a volunteer in the regular weekly ministries and worship services of the church and missional work and ministry opportunities both locally and globally.

6. COMMUNITY OUTREACH—Facilitate ways to focus our attention and resources on the next generation outside the walls of the church. Promote relationships with the surrounding school districts, colleges, civic organizations, and local churches to reach our communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Other Responsibilities:

Holistic Spiritual Care (Body, Mind, and Soul)
• Spend time each day with God in prayer and reading His Word
• Pursue balance in work and home life
• Create space for a work retreat one day each month for silence, prayer, and reading in order to
accomplish the below responsibilities in the strength and wisdom of Christ.
• Follow Matthew 18 principle for conflict resolution

Broader Church
• Participate in local ministerial groups, LMC sponsored events, and Bishop’s Cohort/ District Meetings
when advised.

Additional Information:
Hours: Full-time
Accountability: Lead Pastor
Direct Reports: Ministry Team Leaders of NextGen Ministries

• There will be a 60-day probationary period, and performance reviews will be conducted annually.
• This position is responsible for the duties described in this position description and other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor and is subject to change as needed.

Please Send Resume and cover letter to