Gingrichs Mennonite Church is…

Evangelical – We exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and proclaim Him as the
only one who can bring hope and deliverance to individuals and the
world.  We invite people to enter into a personal relationship with
Him by faith in the work He accomplished by dying on the cross for our
sins, and rising again assuring us of victory over sin and death.

Anabaptist – We pray and work for peace, wholeness, and justice in a
fragmented world, recognizing Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace.  We
look forward to the day when His Kingdom comes in fullness.  Until
then we work locally and globally for peace and justice.

Biblical and Relevant – We believe the Bible is God’s inspired word to
all people.  We read it, teach it, and proclaim it as we believe it
contains relevant, real, life-changing answers for today’s world.