Hello Gingrichs Church Family,


As you are probably aware, the COVID delta variant has recently been causing an increasing number of COVID cases. This new strain is more contagious than the original strain, but probably does not cause worse illness. Fortunately, the vaccines are still working pretty well against the delta strain. While some who are vaccinated may contract this strain, it tends to be milder for them and rarely leads to hospitalization.

Unfortunately, however, vaccinated persons can carry enough of the delta variant to be contagious to unvaccinated persons. This has led the CDC to now recommend that even vaccinated persons wear masks when inside with groups of people in counties that have a “substantial” or “high” amount of COVID cases. Lebanon county moved into the “substantial” category earlier this week.

In light of this, we will be reinstating the following COVID precautions until Lebanon county moves below the “substantial” number of cases in the county:


  • Using air purifiers in each of the rooms
  • Cracking the windows in the sanctuary
  • Practicing social distancing in the pews


We are also encouraging people to wear masks when inside the church. 

As an Elder Team, we recognize that it is difficult to move back to these precautions as we are all very tired of dealing with COVID. We had hoped we would not have to revisit these restrictions. But “being done” with COVID doesn’t mean COVID is done with us. Let’s hope and pray together that this current surge of cases is short-lived. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of the Elder Team if you have any questions or concerns.



The Elder Team

(Myron Miller, Carol Hershey, Tom Turley, and Pastor Amanda)