We recognize that there are no easy answers during COVID 19. We also realize that it is not easy to cope with the continual changes in our world today. We are blessed at Gingrichs to have a church family that understands and extends such patience, grace, and love as we navigate these changes. Please continue to reach out to any member of the Elder Team with questions, concerns, or prayers as we navigate this together.


New Service Times: As we head into cooler temperatures, we are resuming our 10:15 am service time. We will continue to meet outside if weather permits, so please bring blankets and jackets if necessary. If there is a move indoors due to weather, you will be notified by Call-Em-All (automated phone list), email, and it will be posted on our social media platforms (Website and Facebook)

Mask Recommendations

We believe it is safe to relax the mask recommendations somewhat when meeting outdoors. We are now allowing masks off when seated in family groups and when you are not singing. We recommend wearing your masks when walking to your lawn chairs, leaving the service, or talking to others. However, when we are meeting inside, masks are to be used at all times.

Moving Inside Our tentative date for moving inside and resuming Sunday School is November 1st.  This is subject to change if weather prohibits being outside or other circumstances come up. We will continue to try to meet outside when weather permits until November 1st. There may be times when it is colder, so please bring jackets and blankets if needed.

Sunday School:  We are currently looking into the safest measures for us to resume meeting together in Sunday School classes. More details to come as we approach November 1st.  Some possible precautions might include: 1) smaller class sizes to be able to maintain social distancing, 2) using portable air purifiers in the classrooms, 3) minimizing recirculating air, and 4) shortening the time spent in classes.

Risks:  In spite of precautions, meeting together does involve some degree of risk. High-risk individuals may consider attending online services rather than in-person gatherings. Risk factors include age >65 y/o (the older, the greater the risk), serious lung or heart conditions, diabetes, severe kidney disease, cancer, liver disease, severe obesity, and immunocompromised conditions.



The Elder Team